Teppanyaki Table


We are teppanyaki table manufacture. Our teppanyaki table has electric heating and gas heating 2 types. The width is from 1m to 12m as per customized. And for 5 seats to 28 seats.

Key Features

  • Smokeless
  • Intelligent design
  • High efficiency

Gas Teppanyaki Table

Size (mm)DescriptionPressure &Gas ConsumptionDelivery
1200*840*800LNG,LPG, Build-in Fan&air purifier 2800pa &1.5m³/hReady
1500*840*800LNG,LPG, Build-in Fan&air purifier2800pa &1.5m³/hReady
1800*840*800LNG,LPG, Build-in Fan&air purifier2800pa &3.0m³/hReady

Electric Teppanyaki Table

Size (mm)DescriptionVoltage & PowerDelivery
1200*840*800Build-in Fan&air purifier 380V/50Hz/9KWReady
1500*840*800Build-in Fan&air purifier380V/50Hz/12KWReady
1800*840*800Build-in Fan&air purifier380V/50Hz/12KWReady