Commercial Oven


We are commercial oven manufacturer. Ours is electric heating commercial oven. 1 layer,2 layers and 3 layers.

Key Features

  • Multi-Function
  • Independent temperature control knobs
  • Energy saving and temperature lock
  • Super Stength Structure

Electric Commercial Oven -Manual Control

CodeTypeSize (mm)Voltage/HzPowder Temperature
ABT-1-11 deck/ 1 tray 930*650*410220V/50-60Hz4KW0-300 Degrees
ABT-2-22 deck/ 2 tray930*650*720380V/50-60Hz8KW0-300 Degrees
ABT-3-33 deck/ 2 tray930*650*1020380V/50-60Hz12KW0-300 Degrees

Electric Commercial Oven -Automatic Control

CodeTypeSize (mm)Voltage/HzPowder Temperature
ABT-1-21 deck/ 2 tray 1230*820*530380V/50-60Hz6.6KW0-350 Degrees
ABT-2-42 deck/ 4 tray1230*820*1197380V/50-60Hz13.2KW0-350 Degrees
ABT-3-63 deck/ 6 tray1230*820*1597380V/50-60Hz19.8KW0-350 Degrees
CodeTypeSize (mm)Voltage/HzPowder Temperature
ABT-1-31 deck/ 3 tray1660*820*530380V/50-60Hz7.98KW0-350 Degrees
ABT-2-62 deck/ 6 tray1660*820*1250380V/50-60Hz15.96KW0-350 Degrees
ABT-3-93 deck/ 9 tray1660*820*1670380V/50-60Hz23.94KW0-350 Degrees