What is teppanyaki Table?

What is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki, a cooking cuisine style, uses an iron hote plate to cook food. It can be used for  grilling, broiling,frying.The cooked dishes  includes steak, shrimp, ege,rice,vegetable and so on.The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan  which is the metal plate which it is cooked on and yaki.

How is the teppanyaki cooking?

Most teppanyaki cooking is in a Teppanyaki restaurant.The teppanyaki table is in the middle,the guests are usually seated around it.The chef stands by the table and to cook the food. At same time, the cooking process is also a performing show for them.

First,It starts with the tools.The chef take  the knife, fork, and spatula to  tosses, flip, drum and clanged together.

Next, the chef skillfully chops and dices the food.

Then they quickly set the tappanyaki table aflame, creating a feast that’s both culinary and visually entertaining.The chef may also introduce new cooking styles and variations.For example.

  • flipping a shrimp tail into their shirt pocket
  • catching an egg in their hat
  • throwing an egg in the air and splitting it with a spatula
  • flipping flattened pieces of shrimp into the mouths of guests
  • arranging onion rings into fire-shooting volcanoes.

One more thing,you can choose your own chef and tell them how you want your dish prepared. what you like, what you dislike.You can also determine the type and amount of seasoning and oil you want in the dish.

If they use Aibite Teppanyaki Table, the smell will be delicious more.

How much is Teppanyaki Cuisine price? Is it expensive ?

Teppanyaki is known for its delicious, visual operation.The Teppanyaki Cuisine is accpeted by more people.But in some trendy restaurants or hotels, teppanyaki is expensive.Why are the teppanyaki so expensive?

 1)It is a  visual enjoyment. You can see all the cooking process.The teppanyaki chef not only have superb barbecue skills but also a performer,Speaker.They cook the food and introduce the Ingredients, nutrition.

2) You can order your like or dislike.If you like spciy, you can let the chef put it more for you.If you do not like, it can be less.

3) The fleshed finest ingredients is the main reason for the high price of teppanyaki. For example, cornflakes cows, Japanese cowboy bones, French lamb chops, Australian lobsters, etc. These ingredients must be present in teppanyaki cuisine.

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