What Is The Plateau Food Steaming Cabinet?

As the altitude gradually rises in plateau areas, the air pressure is getting lower and lower.

The boiling point of water does not reach 100 degrees Celsius. This causes the rice to be undercooked. In response to this problem, Aibite has developed a plateau food steaming cabinet suitable for plateau use.


What is a plateau food steaming cabinet? What are their characteristics? What is the difference between the ordinary rice steaming cabinet? Where is it used?

What is the plateau food steaming cabinet?

Compared with ordinary rice steaming cabinets, the plateau rice steaming cabinet has enhanced steam pressure. Its compressive strength is 10 times than ordinary rice steaming cabinets.

It makes sure that the steaming time in the plateau area is the same as that in the plain area.This solves the problem of uncooked rice of the ordinary steaming cabinets in plateau areas.

The advantages of the plateau rice steaming cabinet.

  1. Use piezoelectric ceramics for ignition. It is easier for users to operate. With automatic shut-off function. Safety is more secure.
  2. 80Kpa high-pressure three-dimensional surround. Significantly increase the speed of tasting. The food is quickly heated to 100 degrees Celsius. The heating time is greatly shortened.
  3. High temperature resistant multi-airbag embedded silicone door seal. The seal is stronger. Super self-smoking road. Strong suction, to ensure no tempering and no burning.
  4. The overall is thick stainless steel material and polyurethane foam. Good insulation effect. Stainless steel plates with strong corrosion-resistant, are not easy to rust. The appearance of the paint coating
  5. The non-slip stainless steel handwheel is specially made for the mold opening of the plateau cabinet. Easy to switch. Enhance the fit of the cabinet door and cabinet body.
  6. Specially designed hanging steaming pan trays. It will not deform and fall off the pan with the side plate due to pressure.
  7. The heat exchanger is made of imported super-thick 201,304# stainless steel. Food grade technology, corrosion resistance, safety, high thermal efficiency, and durability.
  8. The use cost is very low. After the water is boiled, use it like a normal rice steaming cabinet.
  9. The use cost is very low. After the water is boiled, use it like a normal rice steaming cabinet.

To sum up, the main advantages of the plateau rice steaming cabinet are high pressure, pressure resistance, energy-saving, and safety. If you are a user in the plateau area, the plateau steaming cabinet is undoubtedly your best choice.

What is the difference between a conventional steaming cabinet and a plateau steaming cabinet

Conventional rice steaming cabinet:

The conventional steaming cabinet refers to a large-scale kitchen cooking equipment that uses electricity and gas to generate heat to cook rice. it.

It is widely used to steam rice, steamed buns, buns, and other pasta. You can also steam chicken, duck, fish, and other meats.

The rice steamer adopts a centralized air supplying, multi-layer steaming tray design.

Plateau Steaming Rice Cabinet:

Plateau rice steaming cabinet is a steaming cabinet specially designed for plateau use.The plateau steaming cabinet adopts a fully automatic control operation.

Powerful steam can be produced in 5 minutes at most when it is powered on.

After shutting down, Steam stops immediately. It greatly saves the pre-burning time and the waste of boiling water after shutdown.

The difference between plateau rice steaming cabinet and conventional rice steaming cabinet:

The pressure of the plateau steaming cabinet is up to 0.25 kg. Normally about 0.02 kg. It is 10 times the pressure of a conventional rice steaming cabinet and steaming rice faster.

80Kpa high-pressure three-dimensional surround. The speed of heating is greatly improved.

Can heat food to more than 100 degrees Celsius. Significantly shorten the heating time.

Compared with the conventional rice steaming cabinet, the plateau rice steaming cabinet is made of thicker stainless steel, with strong texture, heavier weight, higher pressure generated, and stronger pressure resistance.

Where is it used?

We all know that as the altitude rises, the boiling point of water will gradually drop. This is because the boiling point of water is affected by atmospheric pressure.

The higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric pressure. At the same time, the boiling point of water will drop. When the boiling point of water is low to a certain temperature, the rice cannot be steamed. This will also affect the steaming cabinet.

Through simple calculation, we can get a relation between altitude and degrees.

altitude 0 meters,boiling point 100 degrees;
altitude 1500 meters, boiling point 95 degrees;
altitude 2000 meters, boiling point 93 degrees;
altitude 3000 meters, boiling point 91 degrees;
altitude 4000 meters, Boiling point of 88 degrees;
altitude of 5000 meters, boiling point of 83 degrees;
altitude of 6000 meters, boiling point of 80 degrees;
altitude of 8848 meters, boiling point of 72 degrees

At this time, if you are at an altitude of about 3000 meters, you will feel that the steaming efficiency of conventional kitchen utensils has dropped significantly. The efficiency of the conventional rice steaming cabinet can no longer meet the cooking need.

So now, it is time to recommend buying a plateau rice steaming cabinet.


Via the above introduction, I believe that you have understood the difference between the conventional rice steaming cabinet and the plateau rice steaming cabinet. If you are in the plain area, the rice steaming cabinet can generally meet most of the needs. If you are in the plateau area, I recommend you to use the plateau rice steaming cabinet.

The plateau rice steaming cabinet supports plain use so that the steaming time is faster. But the conventional rice steaming cabinet does not support use in plateau areas.