What Foods Can You Cook In A Commercial Steamer

Commercial Food Steamer has features of large capacity and high efficiency. It can cook more food for more people one time. Today, let’s talk about What Is A Commercial Food Steamer Used For?

What Foods Can You Cook In A Commercial Food Steamer?


The Commercial food steamer is one kind of kitchen equipment. Its appearance is bigger than a household rice steamer. It is a closed cabinet with different sizes of trays. The food was put on it and the trays are one layer by one layer. The food is heated by direct conduction in contact with the steam. It can cook more food one time. It is widely used in a dining place or commercial place with more people. Such as restaurant, army, school, mall, etc.

what is a food steamer cabinet used for?

1. Rice

Steamed rice is the most common food used in a steaming cabinet. So the steaming food steamer is also called a rice food steamer.

With the ratio of water and rice, rice can be cooked one time. It can meet many people’s dinning. Such as Aibite Kitchen 24 trays rice steamer with 4kgs/ tray loading, it can for 360 people one time.

About how to cook the delicious rice food, kindly check the article of 4 Secrets Of How To Cook Rice In A Commercial Steamer.

2. Cooked Wheaten Food

Cooked Wheaten Food is is one of the ancient foods. Whether it is East or West, there is a history of eating pasta. Such as steamed buns, noodles, steamed dumplings, pasta, buns, and pancakes.

Nowadays, steamed bread is the most common food in China.

Noddles are more popular in the Philippine, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Malaysia, etc. We design the commercial noodle steamer for our Nepal clients.

Commercial dumpling steamer can cook the delicious dumpling. This food is very populare in News Land.

Aibtie Kitchen has a special Noddle steaming cabinet in Nepal Market. It has high steaming pressure can cook noddles fast and well.

3. Vegetables

Steaming is a very nutritious method of cooking as a food flavor, color, and nutrients are retained but no fats or oils are used. Steaming is best used for foods that can be cooked without deterioration in flavor, color, and texture. Cooking fruits and vegetables by this method is also advantageous as it is a faster method of cooking, helping to retain the vitamin C content of the food.

In the steamers, the stainless steel vegetable steamer is the best one for steamed veggies. For example,electric vegetable steamer, You can try it!

4. Seafood

Seafood wins people’s love for its freshness and deliciousness. For example, lobster, fish, crabs, shrimps, meat (chilled), shellfish. The oldest and original cooking method is steaming. And the method has continued to now.

The seafood steaming cabinet is different from other steaming cabinets. It has an independent steaming supply system. You can steam different foods at the same time and ensure that there is no odor mixed. The most common steamer is commercial lobster steamer.

Independent function control can ensure that the seafood steaming cabinet can be used normally when using any unit. The seafood steaming cabinet can ensure the original taste of seafood when steaming seafood. It is the first choice for steaming seafood.


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Besides the above food by steaming cabinet cooked, there is also more food that can be cooked. Welcome, contact us for more communicating. If you have a purchasing plan of commercial food steaming cabinet or other commercial kitchen equipment, send an inquiry to us.