Types of Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki cooking became really popular these years.Do you know how many types of teppanyaki has? What is the difference between of them? What type is better for you or you like it?

Here is a brief for Types Of Teppanyaki Grill Table. Hope you like it well.

1. As per Shape

In the Teppanyaki restaurant, we can see a variety of different styles of teppanyaki grill table equipment.

The teppanyaki grill table is made of stainless steel. It is easy to produce as the shape and the size you want.Below is the moore popular share table we did.

2. As per Heating Method

There are 2 heating method for teppanyaki grill table equipment, by GAS /LNG and by electricity.

Gas Teppanyaki Grll Table

Electricity Teppanyaki Grill Table


Aibite Teppanyaki Electricity Teppanyaki Grill Table is 380V / 9KW.

3. As per Cooking Style

Country StyleFeatures
1 Japanese mainly beef, while Japanese teppanyaki represents a symbol of wealth and is more popular.
2Francethe main emphasis is on live production, the atmosphere is very good, so that customers feel at home.
3Chinesethe production method is very simple, but the production of ingredients, has more Chinese characteristics

4. smokeless teppayaki grill table

One more advance type of table is the smokeless teppayaki grill table.Its inner structure include electro-static precipitation systems, powerful exhaust fans and a downdraft filtration system.

The smoke and smell from cooking is purifed by them.It will take you thousand of dollar in the investment.But this type tappanyaki table can bring a nice and pleasant atmosphere for your clients.And it also can help you get a bigger profit margin

The below video is the Aibite Smokeless Teppayaki Grill Table.


We are a China Teppanyaki grill table manufacture.The above products are all from our factory.If you are purchasing teppanyaki plan or want to open a teppanyaki restraunt,hope this article is usful for you.

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