5 Tips of commercial steamer buyer guide

Commercial steaming cabinet has been used in many industries and applications. And they have many types for choosing. If you are wanting to buy Commercial Steamer,these are good advices for Commercial Steamer Buyer Guide.

What is a coomercial food steamer?


Commercial Food Steamer (Steaming Cabinet) is widely used in restraunt,hotel, lodging,independent restaurant,army and college/university operations.

A commercial food steamer can be quickly and efficiently cook menu items such as rice and vegetables,meat,fish. The food steaming cabinets are reliable and easy-to-use.The upgraded food Steamer can water filling automaticly.

When water is full,it can stop filling.When water is less, it can fill automaticly.Another high grade commercial food steamer is time set-up. The heating time and temperatures can be controlled by program.This reduced both labor and operating costs

How does a commercial steamer work?

The working principle of the steam rice cooking cabinet is to use electricity and gas to generate heat and steam condensation to heat rice. The water into rice in a semi-sealed container (steam rice cabinet). The steam becomes condensed water.

Besides to steaming rice, steamed buns, and steamed buns, it can also steam pork, chicken, duck and other meats. There are also seafood steaming cabinets dedicated to steaming seafood. It can also be stewed.

What is the main strucure of a commercial steaming cabinet?

The Commercial Steaming Cabinet outside is stainless steel. 201 Grade or 304 Grade.

The wall inner is Polyurethane. It has a insulation function to keep the steam emission.

The under part is water tank,it storage the water. In the water tank, there is a float ball. When the water tank is full,the float ball can controll the water filling or stop.


What is the trays of commercial steaming cabinet?

The trays No. can be from 4 pcs to 36 pcs max we did. As per the trays quantity, we can know how many people it can service.

Tray No.Tray SizeFor people

How to choose a Commercial Steamer for Your Business?

Before you decide buy coomerce steamer, several questions you should ask yourself. Where will it be used to? The size and type of steamer required for your cooking?What heating method is better for you? What kinds of food will you cook?


Commercial Steamer has different size. Such as Aibite Commercial Seamer, its size can be 675mm (W)*510mm(T)*770mm(H) to 1390mm(W)*640mm(T)*1460mm(H).

The biggest commercial steamer can hold up to 36 full-size steam pans.Each pan size is 400*600*45mm. The smallest commercial steaming cabinet is 4 pans.

Your choosing will be denpended on your need of the business and the space of the kitchen.

2– Heating Sourse

We have electricity heating rice steamer and gas / LNG rice steamer. In your city, if the gas cost was lower, you choose the gas heating. If the electricity cost was lower, you choose the electricity heating method.

Below is Aibite commercial Steamer specifications for electricity heating rice steamer.

ModelTray No.Appearnace SizeVoltagePowerTray SizeFor people

3—Pressure Commercial Steamer


This is an ideal commercial steamer.With higher pressure, the temperature is also high.It can cook the food fastly. Comparing traditional steamer,it can save energy and time.

As its developing, its safe is stable. For meat,rib food,it is the best choice.


If you are living is high land area,high pressure rice steamer is must choosing!


Price is the core element for every business. So does commercial steamer.

Commercial steamerprice is depend on the size, trays No,the materials garde. ( Stainless Steel 201 or 304), Heating method. Operation method.

General speaking, the size bigger, the cost expensive. The Stainless Steel 304 materials structure is more expensive than 201 type. Electricity heating type price is cheaper than gas /LNG heating Type.


If your business is located in costal area, 304 structure is good choice for you.

Based on our factory price, our 4 trays’s cheapest commercial steamer price can be 100usd -150usd as per different addtional order item.

To Zambia, 24 trays we did is 481usd/pcs. To Russia, 12 trays we exported is 355usd/set.


Aibite Commercial stemer has 12 months Quality Guarantee.During using period.If the product qualtiy problem. We can provide replace serivce freely.So you can buy it confidently.


The above is serveral tips for Commercial Steamer Buyer Guide. As a Commercial Steamer maufacturer and exporter, we produce and export many rice steamer and kitchen equipments,attend more ktichen tender projects.

On the kitchen equipment, we have more experence. If you have any need more Commercial Steamer Buyer Guide or other products buyer guide,kindly contact us freely.