What is The difference between teppanyaki table and teppanyaki griddle

Generally speaking, there is no difference between teppanyaki griddle and teppanyaki tables. Their functions are the same. The food cooked is very similar. If you have to tell the difference between the teppanyaki table and teppanyaki griddle, I think teppanyaki is more suitable for high-end restaurants and hotels. The griddle is more suitable for ordinary specialty snacks, restaurants, and family dinners.

As a teppanyaki griddle and teppanyaki table manufacturer with 10 + years producing experience. I would like to list some tinny different details between them.

The Difference Between Teppanyaki Table And Teppanyaki Griddle

1- Structure difference

1.1 Teppanyaki Table structure is more complex than Teppanyaki Griddle.

1.2 The thickness of the heating panel is different.

Teppanyaki table heating plate thickness 20mm. The heating tube is build-in in the inner of the heating plate. Griddle heating plate thickness about 1.5mm.Its heating tube is under the heating plate.

1.3 There are ventilation facilities (exhausting pipe) and air purification facilities inside the teppanyaki table. But the griddle does not.

2-Apprearance difference

In addition to the standard rectangle, the flexibility of teppanyaki shape customization is higher. Common equipment specifications are : semi-circular, arc, horseshoe, U-shaped, and other shapes.

Teppanyaki is large and fixed in one place.

The griddle has adjustable legs, or it can be directly countertop. The basic shape of the griddle is rectangular.

The standard size of Aibite griddle is

  • 700mm (L)650mm (W)800mm (H)
  • 1000mm (L)650mm (W)800mm (H)
  • 1200mm (L)650mm (W)800mm (H)
  • 1500mm and 1800mm can be customized!

3-Using environment difference

3.1 Teppanyaki table is mainly used for frying various foods. Such as steak, sausage, egg, hamburger patties, Indian flying cakes, etc. Hygienic, safe and fast.

It is good kitchenware for people who like to make pastry or shop owners in large kitchens.

3.2 The teppanyaki griddle is suitable for hotels, leisure shops, restaurants, etc. Simple operation and beautiful appearance. It is also suitable for making all kinds of sizzling squid, sizzling meat, sizzling steak, sizzling seafood, etc.

It is suitable for night markets or markets with a large passenger flow!

4-Cooked food difference

4.1 Teppanyaki usually uses high-quality and fresh ingredients. It is mainly divided into seafood such as lobster, prawns, scallops, abalone, etc. Meats such as Japanese beef, chicken. Vegetables. such as fungi, and even tofu.Some restaurants offer food such as enoki mushrooms or beef rolls with peeled chili.Many Japanese teppanyaki menus also include fried rice or fried noodles.

4.2 The griddle cooked food: chicken wings, chicken, bacon rolls, pork neck, lamb, lamb rolls, fat beef, fat beef rolls, etc. Vegetables: such as asparagus, white spirit mushrooms, cabbage, cabbage, mushrooms, Coprinus comatus, Green peppers, etc. Seafood: such as scallops, mussels, anchovies, prawns, squid rings, etc.Staple food: rice, fried noodles, etc. All can be fried on the iron plate.

5-Classification difference

As per heating method, they are all has natural gas and electricity type.

As per materials, they are all has stainless steel and cast iron type.

But According to the characteristics of use. The Griddle can be classified into: desktop griddle and vertical griddle, flat griddle and pit griddle.

6-Price difference

Based on the above comparing, you can see, the Teppanyaki Table’s price is higher than Teppanyaki Griddle’s.

Take the same size, gas type Teppanyaki Table And Teppanyaki Griddle as a sample, in 1200mm length, the Teppanyaki griddle’s price is 350USD/set – 450USD/set. Teppanyaki Table price is about 1200 USD/set -1550USD/set.The Teppanyaki Table price is 3-4 times than Teppanyaki Griddle.

If you want to get the exact price,construction details and buying process, you can contact our hot-selling line : +8618105467890. This is also a WhatsApp online,

Cleaning and maintenance

Besides the difference, they also have some same item, such as in Cleaning And Maintenance.

1. During cleaning and maintenance, power supplying should be cut off to prevent accidents.

2. After working every day, we can use a wet towel without corrosive detergents to clean the surface of the furnace body. To avoid damage to the electrical performance, it is strictly forbidden to rinse with water.

3. During the cleaning process, clean the water in the oil basin in time to prevent overflow.