Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Equipment manufacturer

In cooking food,smoke can not be in void. As a Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Equipment manufacturer, we can make it perfect.

Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Equipment,usually refers to the indoor smokeless teppanyaki equipment,is the absorption and purification of cooking fumes produced by a series of purification treatment equipment. It can purify the air and reduce the trouble of connecting to the pipeline.At present, Aibite smokeless teppanyaki table equipment’s purification efficiency can reach 98.5%. It almost meets the request of all clients and need of customers.

How does it work for smokeless ?

Let us tell you how it works.

First,we should know the working principle of Smokeless teppanyaki table Equipment.The heating mode:

Gas Heating Electric Heating Electric HeatingElectric Heating
Natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas Heating tube Electric aluminum plate heatingElectromagnetic heating
Directly heating the iron plate Electric heating tube transferring heat to the Teppanyaki the aluminum plate is used to cast the dry heat tube to increase the service life The eddy current and eddy sense are generated by the electromagnetic movement and the wire reel, and the iron plate is inductively heated.This is the faster way of heating at present. Adjust the air volume through the air valve
Teppanyaki Heating Mode

In the tepanyaki table inner structure, there is a builtin fan and purifier.The suction force of the straight fan to suck the fume into the plasma fume purifier to separate the fume.

Secondly: after the separation of oil fume, it enters Aibite’s original water circulation water purification system for secondary purification, dissolving some impurities in the water. Another function is to change the hot air into cool air.

Third: In the teppanyaki cooking process, some spices will be inevitably caused and some food also be sucked into the air duct.The bacteria will be generated after a long time. But Aibite’s original ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection solves this problem well.

Finally: The Teppanyaki cooking food will produce various flavors and affect air quality. So we will add the activated carbon deodorization system to adsorb the food taste and purify the air to a greater extent.

Aibite Teppanyaki table absorption and purification.

Below is a short video of Aibite Teppanyaki table absorption and purification. You will see how awsome it is.

Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Manufacturer

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