How to open a teppanyaki restaurant

If you want in Food Industry , to open a Teppanyaki restaurant is a good idea. Alough it is a just a restaurant,it includes many elements. When you understand belows, you will think it is not difficult to open a Teppanyaki restaurant.

Firstly: Location


No matter what business you will in, especially for food, shopping business. Location is always the first choice.So does Teppanyaki restaurant.

The best location choice is to choose a place with more people. Such as a food street,Living block or nearby. If your Teppanyaki restaurant will be operated as a higher-grade. The better location can be near CBD ,office building, near a high-end residential area or Beside the restaurant of the same grade. If there is also a parking yard,that will be wondful.

It is recommended to choose a business district to open a store. Because business guests will consume more alcohol and beverages, and each lunch order is more decent. The business from Monday to Friday will be good. The storefronts in the residential area are mostly good on weekends. Mainly for family and friends and family gatherings. Such guests usually consider the price, and their spending power will be limited.

To see if there is a drain at the door of the Teppanyaki store. The drainage capacity can meet the standard. It must be ensured that it will not cause excessive water accumulation during heavy rain. Next, do not face the obvious obstacles such as fire hydrants, road signs, etc. at the entrance of the store. No matter whether it will affect the traffic, the visual impact alone is enough to blacklist it.

Secondly: Market Investigation

Market Investigation is necessary to confirm how much profit in teppanyaki industry.

  • What is the cost.Such as the place is rent or restaurant owner?
  • How much of the decoration cost?
  • How long is it can be opened?
  • Near your location, do you have competitors?How many?
  • The survey of surrounding crowds and the consumption ability of guests Research, traffic conditions, the popularity of the street.
  • The development prospects of the business district, and the status of funds.

After confirming these, you can decide whether it is suitable to open that type of restaurant.

Third: Purchasing of teppanyaki equipments.

For teppanyaki equipment supplier, we should choose a professional manufacturer or supplier with good reputation.

Aibite Kitchen a prfessional supplier for teppanyaki table and griddle. We can provide planning details and evaluation of the full line of teppanyaki store.

At same time, to compare different suppliers quotation and service is a good choice. You can choose the best equipment and the price you want.And you can save more cost.

Fourth: restaurant design and decoration

What style of your teppanyaki restaurant? A High-end teppanyaki restaurant has several separate elegant rooms with different numbers of customers.

The division of the the bar and coffee dining area. Separated or combined together?

The location of the kitchen, toilets and iron plates in the lobby is also be carefully considered.

Fifth: Personnel Management | Staff recruitment and training

The manager ’s tasks is to communicate and coordinate. Strive to maintain a harmonious and pleasant working environment ,coordinate and improve the problems between the departments. And solve the problems to improve work efficiency.

The recruitment from from various forms. Such as talent agencies, online job search, and newspaper registration.Before the opening of the store, the assessment and training should be carried out by the front office manager and supervisor with experience in Western food. Appraisal of the applicants and the development of training content.

Of course, people with relevant experience are more at ease.

Sixth: Daily Operation of the Teppanyaki Restaurant

  • Daily business inspection and improvement.
  • Procurement and storage management.
  • Inspection of food hygiene and environmental equipment.
  • Maintenance and maintenance of various appliances.
  • Innovative promotional activities and advertising.
  • Menu setting and research and development of new dishes, signature dishes.
  • Coordination and communication of restaurant staff.

Seveth: Opening time and final confirmation

  • Confirmation of the signing of the lease contract.
  • Whether the application of various licenses and permits passed. Such as kitchen food sanitation inspection, fire fighting equipment, fire fighting system and necessary safety facilities, etc.
  • Recruitment, advertising and leaflet production.
  • The opening time is determined by the sending of invitation culvert.
  • Determine the activities and gifts on the opening day.
  • Whether the performance of the personnel operation service is qualified.Food and equipment purchased are complete.