4 secrets of How to cook rice in a commercial steamer

Regardless of whether it is new rice or old rice, you can cook rice with a pleasant aroma and crystal grains.

Here is 4 secrets of How To Steam Rice ! Once you remember these four secrets, you will surely cook sweet and delicious rice.

4 Secrets of How to Cook Rice

Secret 1: Rice Washing

We use a container to measure the amount of rice then wash it.Rice washing must be not exceed 3 times. If more than 3 times, the nutrition in the rice will be lost a lot.So the flavor of the steamed rice will also be reduced. Remember not to wash the rice more than 3 times.

Secret 2: Soaking

Keep the rice in cold water for 1 hour. This soaking process allows the rice grains to absorb water fully .The steamed rice will be plump.

Secret 3: The ratio of rice to water.

When steaming rice, the ratio of rice to water should be 1:1.2. There is a particularly simple way to measure the amount of water. Put your index finger into the rice water, as long as the water exceeds the first joint of the index finger of the rice.

Secret 4: Increasing Fragrance:

After the first three processes, we add a small amount of refined salt or peanut oil to the pan. Remembering that peanut oil must be cooked and left to cool. Just add a little bit to the pot. Now you can plug in the electricity and start steaming. When it is steamed, the grains are crystal clear and full, and the rice is fragrant.

Increasing Fragrance Method

1. Steamed rice with vinegar.

With theratio of 1000 grams of rice to 35 grams of vinegar,the rice is more fragrant. And you do not need worried about the leftovers when steaming rice. In the way,the steamed rice has no sour taste. So, it is more good smell.

If there is some rice left,you can put it in the refrigerator for a day or two. Even after it is steamed again, the leftover rice will be as delicious as steamed.

2. Steaming with wine.

This method is suitable for steaming half-cooked raw rice.

When the steamed rice is found to be raw, add a few drops of white wine to the steamer as soon as possible. Then steam it for a while on a slow fire, then you can eat it.

3. Salt steamed rice method.

This method is suitable for steaming rice with aged rice.

Add a small amount of salt before steaming the rice. Then stir it with chopsticks, so that the steamed rice has a bright color and looks like steamed new rice.

4. Steam rice with oil.

Before close the rice steamer door, add a small amount of cooking oil or salad oil to the rice water. It can make the cooked rice golden and brighter and softer and sweeter.

5. “Slope” steaming method.

This method can meet different people’s need. Such as The elderly want soft rice, while the younger like hard rice. The rice grains entering the pot are piled up before steaming. So that the thick end is less soaked in water. The thin end is soaked in more water. Then the steamed rice will have both soft and hard. The part with less water soaked rice is slightly harder. The part with more water soaks Part of the rice is soft and it is no longer difficult to adjust.


The above is the 4 secret tips for How To Steam Rice. Of course, there are many better method from you and others. If you have more life tips,welcome communicate with us.