How to clean commercial food steamer

Many users who have purchased commercial steamer only know to use the food steaming cabinet. But they don’t know how to clean commercial food steamer well .Today we will introduce why we need to clean commercial food steamer? How to clean the commercial rice steaming cabinet? How often to clean it and daily maintenance?

Why do we need to clean food steamer?

As people choose healthier meals and effective cooking methods, commercial food steaming cabinets are becoming popular. Cooking food with steam will ensure that they keep their natural color and nutrients. This requires the kitchen equipment to work well every day.

Commercial food steamer is a major investment in commercial restaurant equipment. To get the greatest return on investment, kitchen equipment must be well maintained. So, daily cleaning and maintenance work is very necessary.

Next, we will give you a comprehensive introduction:

how to clean commercial food steamer.

1. The External cleaning

It is recommended to clean the stainless steel shell with a clean cloth with detergent every day. Wipe dry, do not rinse directly with water to prevent rust.

When cleaning the stainless steel housing, do not use steel wire balls, metal brushes, and other items. In avoid to damage the surface of stainless steel and make it easy to be corroded.

2. the inner cleaning

One of the most important aspects of cleaning a steamer is thoroughness. Wipe the inside of the machine with a cloth, paying special attention to cleaning up any debris that may be left during cooking. Besides, do not ignore the contact points. such as doors, door latches, and control knobs. These parts are contacted by kitchen staff frequently.

After working every day, the inner chamber of the food steamer should be cleaned. Before cleaning, please lower the temperature of the inner chamber to below 70℃. And clean up the food residue in the inner chamber. It can be rinsed with a water jet.

3. Regular cleaning of the oven boiler (descaling)

If the boiler is not cleaned regularly, it is easy to produce scale. The Scale will affect the service life of the heating tube and float. When there is a scale, please remove the scale on the boiler. Use a special descaling agent for descaling.

4. clean and check the drainage system

Clean the drain pipe regularly. Check if there is any residue blocking the drain pipe and causing drainage.

5. clean the residue in the water tank

As the steamer works for a long time, smaller pieces of food residue can easily enter the water tank through the small holes of the residue plate. It will affect the smoothness of the waterway and the normal operation of the water pump. So, the residue in the water tank should be cleaned when the water volume is found to be reduced during the cleaning of the inner chamber.

6. Ultrasonic technology using

Some steamers on the market are equipped with new ultrasonic technology. It continuously manages and eliminates the accumulation of scale. Ultrasonic technology uses sound waves to generate a stream of tiny bubbles that explode millions of times per second. Thereby decomposing pollutants and preventing them from adhering to the generator surface. Thereby reducing the number of filter replacements and routine maintenance.

How often do you clean commercial food steamer?

After using the Aibite Steamer every day, the inner and the outside must be cleaned every day. Prevent food residues from being left in the inner chamber and affect the next use effect. Keep the exterior clean. Prevent the shell from rusting in a humid environment. Affect the service life of the food steamer.


Be sure to follow the cleaning and maintenance procedures specified in the device user manual. The generator must be drained every day to prevent the accumulation of an internal scale. It will interfere with the normal operation of the generator. That is very important.

Here, we made a table for daily and weekly inspecion work.

Daily inspectionsWeekly inspections
Make sure that the steamer is cleaned daily and there are no food particles remaining in the food panSurface: Clean the exposed surfaces (side, front, door, and top) with a damp cloth.
Check every day whether the compartment drain pipe is blocked.Polish with a clean cloth.Use a non-abrasive cleaner to remove discoloration.
Remove all particles or debris from the perforated filter every day.Check whether the cover is loose. The control device is defective or broken.
Use warm water and a non-chlorinated detergent solution to clean the interior of the car. Rinse with warm water.Use descaling agent weekly to remove lime accumulation in the filter element to maintain the effectiveness of the steamer

If you find any of the following signs, please contact maintenance staff immediately


If you want to know more about the Wikipedia knowledge of the commercial food steamer, you can follow the official website of Aibite Kitchen. We will update the knowledge of the steamer from time to time.