Gas Teppanyaki Equipment Operation

Operation of Gas Teppanyaki Equipment


Gas Teppanyaki Equipment Operation Step

1. Before operation, please check whether the local gas source matches the gas source marked on the nameplate of the “Teppanyaki” equipment.

2. After confirming that the air source is consistent, first turn on the main power switch. Then start the fan switch to press the air valve knob, turn it clockwise to the maximum. Exhaust the air after a few seconds.

3. Open the gas main valve and the “Teppanyaki” gas valve. use your right hand to press the gas switch and rotate it 15 degrees counterclockwise. Release it after about 10 seconds. At this time, the gas flame opens and the thermocouple is sucked. The valve, and then press down the gas switch again, turn it counterclockwise 90 degrees and then release. At this time the main fire opens and is at the maximum position.

4. If you want to turn off the main fire, you can use your right hand to turn off the gas switch. Then turn it counterclockwise to 170 degrees. At this time, it is the minimum fire.

5. If there is a fume purifier in the “Teppanyaki”, please turn it on before cooking.

6. If you want to turn off the “Teppanyaki” gas pressure switch, turn it clockwise to the 0 position.

7. If the ignition fails several times, check whether the ignition wire and battery are invalid.

Warning: When designing the installation of electrical components, the zero ground wire must be connected. The fan must be turned on before ignition.


  • 1. The user must carefully read the “Instructions” before operation and strictly follow the requirements and procedures for operation. So that “Teppanyaki” can be used better and longer.
  • 2. Combustible and explosive items are not allowed to be placed near “Teppanyaki”.
  • 3. The user shall not modify the gas pipeline and dismantle the burning equipment without permission. So as to avoid liability accidents such as gas leakage.
  • 4. The installation, service and maintenance of “Teppanyaki” must be performed by a professional electrician.
  • 5. Please do not use excessive force during operation.
  • 6. Please pay attention to the waterproofing of electrical components when cleaning.

The place to heat the teppanyaki must be well ventilated.

This is because the gas consumes oxygen in the air to support combustion. At the same time it generates flue gas containing carbon dioxide and a small amount of carbon monoxide;

The nozzle should sag naturally during installation and maintain 10 cm Above the distance. So as not to be burnt by fire and cause an accident.

AibiteTeppanyaki passed the quality inspection, safe, environmentally friendly and safe to use!

Pay attention to frequently check the hose for looseness, shedding, cracking and deterioration.
Those with a service period of more than three years should contact the maintenance department for replacement.

Regularly check the joints, switches, hoses and other parts of the natural gas equipment with soapy water to see if there is any air leakage,

Never use matches to check for leaks. Turn off all switches if bubbles are found or smell of natural gas.