FAQ of commercial Food Steamer

As a prefessional commercial kitchen steamer manufactuer and wholesale. We collected some basic knowledge of commercial steamer for you. Maybe 1 sentence can solve your problem.

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FAQ of Commercial Food Steamer

How much of the Commercial Food Steamer? Is it expensive?

Some are expensive and some are very cheap.

This mainly depends on what manufacturer and brand the user chooses.

The cheaper one can be 100usd only, while the more expensive ones have more than 1000 usd. Of course, the usage will be more extensive.

The Commercial Food Steamer can cook the traditional Chinese rice-pudding?


The Commercial Food Steamer can cook the noodle?

Yes. We have special commercial noodle steamer.

The Commercial Food Steamer can cook the seafood?

Yes. We have special commercial seafood steamer for sale.commercial crab steamer for sale.

How long does it take to steam rice with a commerical rice steamer?

It depends on the rice steamer power.
For example,if it was 380V, 9KW, 40 minutes is fine

Can I use a commerical rice steamer to sterilize food?

High heat itself has bactericidal effect. But the effect is not great.
It can not compare with professional sterilizing machines

Is it possible to leave food overnight in the steamer car without opening the door?

No. After one night, the food will spoil in a narrow space.

How much leakage protection does the steaming car need? 220V voltage, 6KW.


Can the steaming cabinet heat fried food?

Fried food can also be heated in a steamer or steaming cabinet. However, after heating, the fried outer layer will not be crispy. Because the water is too much, it will become soft.

In future, we will add more knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment. Welcome contact us and cummunicate with us.