Customized Teppanyaki Table advantages

Customized Teppanyaki Table is the best feature of Aibite Kitchen. As a professional Teppanyaki Equipment manufacturer,to meet different client’s request is our priority goal.

As we know, the Teppanyaki Table has many sizes and shapes. Each Teppanyaki Table restaurant has different design and space. So their request are different.Some owner want smaller to save money,some bosses want bigger Teppanyaki Table to show their environment, design,Atmosphere ,to attract more dinner.

No matter big or small , the function can be reach the max via the design to save cost and increase profit.

Here, we list what the advantages of customized teppanyaki table

1. Aibite Customized Teppanyaki equipment has low power consumption, low gas consumption.

We use a super thick heating plate of 20mm thickness.This is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving heating system. It can be heated to 200 degrees Celsius in ten minutes , greatly increasing work efficiency.

At the same time, the heating plate adds a negative ion generation technology. It can effectively reduce the oxidation of food caused by heating during the cooking process.

2–Easy operation, excellent performance, user-friendly design, and beautiful appearance.

The temperature control system is easily to observe and operate.On the appearance, peripheral decoration cab be stainless steel, wood or marble.Built-in oil fume purifier and fan does not effect any decoration.

3. Easy cleanable design

The centrifugal fume filter screen forces the fume in the pipeline to be filtered. Its location can be designed as per the TT size, and burner position.

And the exhaust pipe position can be left,right,bottom as per the installation at the restaurant. If you used a top hood clean system. we can desgin smokeless TT.

4–Non Stick Teppanyaki Table

We know, Freshness is the biggest feature of Teppanyaki. During the cooking process, if the temperature is too high, the food will be mushy. Seriously affect the taste of food.For this reason, we specially designed non-stick Teppanyaki.


5. Customized shapes of commercial Teppanyaki table:

The commone size and shapes are:

Rectangular (seven-seater eight-seater ten-seater), semi-circular (eight-seater), arched (ten-seater twelve-seater), fan-shaped (eight-seater eleven-seater), U-shaped (eleven-seater) Seats twelve seats), oval (ten seats), round (twelve seats).


We can desgin and produce as per your space room and shape request to adjust the shape.To make your design and product perfect.

If you are interested in Customized Teppanyaki Table,contact us right now.