Best Customize Stainless steel Electric Teppanyaki Table 8 people

Customize Teppanyaki Table is easily to come true. Aibite Kitchen is one of the best teppanyaki grill table manufacturer and supplier from China. No mater from the teppanyaki cooking table materials, Shapes, Size, teppanyaki cooking tools, Teppanyaki grill cover, You can Customize Teppanyaki Table evrything from us. We are focus on provide the best teppanyaki grill table and best service for our clients.

Customize Teppanyaki Table

1–customization from heating mode.

Gas Type Teppanyaki Table
Electricity Type Teppanyaki Table

As we know, the normal Teppanyaki heating mode is Gas type and Electric Type. As our producing and exporting experierence, we can suggest which type is better for your need.

The below table is a comparating of Gas Type Teppanyaki and Electricity Type Teppanyaki

2–Customization From Structure Materials

The basic Structure Materials of the teppanyaki grill is stainless steel 304 Grade. 304 Grade stainless steel is a kind of grade food materials. It can contact food directly.

304 stainless steel is a common material in stainless steel with a density of 7.93 g/cm3.Its High temperature resistance can reach 800℃. It has good processing performance and high toughness. Widely used in industry, food and medical industries.

If you like a high grade, we can customize 316 stainless steel for your teppanyaki table.

If you want to lower the cost, we can customize 304 +201 stainless steel. 201 Grade Stainless Steel is one kind of stainless steel. It can be used in teppanyaki leg and under cabinet part. This place can not contact food directly.So it is not harm.At same time, this combination can recude the tappanyaki cost.It is a better custommization on materials.

3–Customization From size

The basic size is 1.2m,1.5m.1.8m lenght, and 850 widht,and 800mm height. Of course, each teppanyaki
sapce are different.To use the room enough, we can enlarge the teppanyaki grill size and narrow it.That will be need Customization.

Aibite made the longest tappanyaki table is 5.8m. It contained 4 cooking area and services for 17 people at same time.

4–Customization From Shape


5–Customization From Cooking Tools

If you want your restaurant to be impressived, some details is very important. For the chef,they like use their own cooking tools to show him or her position. For customer,if they use one set of OEM tableware for them. How honored and respected it is for them.At the same time, it also increases the good impression of the hotel in their hearts.

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