Commercial teppanyaki grill and table for sale

Teppanyaki has always been displayed in the form of high-end dining, mainly star-rated hotels and high-end restaurants. In recent years, it has entered the general market trend. Commercial Teppanyaki grill and table becoming popular. Whether it’s a weekend party of friends, colleagues or family members, or a special party to hold a professional commercial teppanyaki table for business, teppanyaki commercial grills absolutely are a good idea.


What is Commercial Teppanyaki Grill And Table?

Teppanyaki commercial grills are different home teppanyaki tables. Most teppanyaki commercial grills are helded at restaurant,club or High-end venue.

The Teppanyaki foods are high grade. Such as lobster.

The importantly, the Commercial Teppanyaki Grill show is A highlight. The teppanyaki chef has super cooking skills. At the same time, they are good at a variety of different performances. It can be said that commercial features are a combination of gourmet food and visual feast.

Because Teppanyaki commercial grills can bring more economic profit, to open a teppanyaki grill restaurant is a better choice. Teppanyaki grill table for sale maybe fulfill your entrepreneurial dream

Where to buy teppanyaki table commercial round?

There are many places where you can buy commericial teppanyaki tables. Such as local market, Cook shopping mall, Teyppanyaki seller online.

Aibite teppanyaki is a supper brand online. We are a manufacture and exporter, producing professional steel teppanyaki commercial grill. you can see their full list from this link:

Here, you can choose and ask what is your design, applications, customizing, or not?

How to choose a commercial teppanyaki grill?

how many people fit around a teppanyaki table?

The first element to choose a Commercial Teppanyaki Grill Table is to decide the teppanyaki size and seat number. How many people fit at the teppanyaki table? How many seats at a table teppanyaki?

First, measure the space to install a teppanyaki table. Then you can know it is for a large teppanyaki table or small teppanyaki table. As pe space size, you can decide how many seats teppanyaki tables to buy.

There are many teppanyaki table sizes and seats for sale. From 2 seats small teppanyaki table to large XL , XXL teppanyaki electric table grill, all of them can be bought from the market.

Heating method

In the market,there is 2 main heating method for Commercial Teppanyaki Grill. Gas and Electricity. They are same function to heat the food. You can choose it as per your local economic cost.

Aibite has gas commercial teppanyaki grills and electric teppanyaki grill table for sale. All of our Teppanyaki Tables with built-in Extraction and Filtration function.They need no overhead extraction canopy. You can show this Teppanyaki in front of your customer in almost any location.

Teppanyaki table price

Aibite teppanyaki commercial grill table also has hundreds of unique designs. The price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Of course it includ freight, package. The final price is depending on the quality of the materials used, the budget and location of the items to be transported.

However, the price of the teppanyaki table does not determine its quality. That being said, most of the higher-priced tables are usually of high quality, so you just need to choose a table that suits your budget and balances your needs.

If you want to buy a commercial teppanyaki table online, Aibite is worth of trust partner.


To buy Teppanyaki commercial grill and table need to get a professional manufacturing factory. Aibite kitchen will provide all details for you.

If you have more questions, contact the consulting line: +86 181 054 67890 You will get a professional answer immedicately. Or you can visit our factory on site. More producing technical and using details will show you more.