Commercial smokeless teppanyaki table

Commercial smokeless teppanyaki table can create a clean and comfortable dinning environment. And most dinner also like them. As a teppanyaki restaurant boss,commercial smokeless teppanyaki table will be your favor.

Smokeless teppanyaki table is really SMOKELESS?

As we know, the smoke will be created when we heat the food. Why do we say our teppanyaki is smokeless? It benefits from exhaust gas treatment system and dual smoke treatment system.The main internal structure of the smokeless teppanyaki equipment is :the main heat system, the insulation system, the fire protection system, the exhaust gas treatment system and the dual fume treatment system.

When cook is been cooking,the exhaust gas treatment system and the dual fume treatment system has started working. The existing Exhaust gas is pumped away by the smoking system,and enters the purification system. So around the teppanyaki table, you do not see the smoke.

Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Inner Structure

Teppanyaki smoking device is the use of exhaust fan, fume purification, such as purification water circulation system, the fumes generated by the cooking process, after the air is discharged in the form of multi-channel process, it is the biggest advantage of environmental protection.

Our Countertop heating steel plate up to a thickness of 20 mm. This  thickness ensure the temperature of the teppanyaki cooking.

The thicker teppanyaki equipemnt has a high storage temperature.It can keep the hot and has the food warm.

If it is thin, the temperature will be losing. At same time, 20 mm is the thickness of iron reaches a limit value is deformed.Therefore, the thickness of the Teppanyaki Counter top of 20 is the most suitable.

Smokless teppanyaki heating system

Aibite Ktichen Smokeless Teppanyaki Equipment uses an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving heating system.It can heate to 200 degrees Celsius in ten minutes , greatly increasing work efficiency.

At the same time, the heating plate adds a negative ion generation technology, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of food caused by heating during the cooking process. So that the nutrients in the food can be completely preserved, which is a truly healthy and environmentally friendly diet.

How is Aibite Smokless Teppanyaki Euipment Performance

Smokless Teppanyaki Equipment Cleaning

In the catering industry, hygiene is a top priority. Daily cleaning work is monatory.The cleaning work of the smokeless Teppanyaki is very convenient.The equipment is easy to operate, easy to use, and labor is less expensive.

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